George Passey

I sing in the Bass section.  I joined not having sung before. I have always loved all forms of music, my mother was in her earlier years a variety singer and as a family we have the posters from theatres across the country where she always seemed to billed as ‘the princess’ or something similar but although despite being in choirs at school (and failed at eight to pass the entrance exams to Westminster Abbey) it was never an avenue that opened up for me.

I joined the choir in the later part of 2010 just as you all returned triumphant from the Isle of Man

I really don’t have a special piece of music that we have sung – I love the Messiah and the European Sacred Music settings by Rutter but what I found truly wonderful was singing once at Christchurch in Skipton and you could almost sense the roof of the church lift slightly as we all sang

We are a very social choir, the friendships are wonderful. I have so many memories, a surprise 50th birthday part has to be the highlight but the tour to Budapest  – singing for five days –  just brilliant.  It was just fantastic to just keep signing; even walking around the town we sang (Thank you Dawn, Karen and Judith for that experience)