Spring Concert – Mass in Blue (Will Todd) and The Creation (Joseph Haydn)

Event details

  • Saturday | 21st March 2020
  • 7:30 pm
  • Christ Church, Skipton
  • 01943 603979. Online booking available shortly

Mass in Blue‘ combines British composer Will Todd’s twin backgrounds of jazz and church music. Since its premiere in 2003, it has been capturing the imagination of choirs and audiences worldwide with its setting of the liturgical Mass in jazz and 12-bar blues.

Inspired by Handel’s ‘Messiah‘, Joseph Haydn was sixty-five years old when he embarked on ‘The Creation‘ in 1796. When, two years later, he was urged to bring it to a conclusion more rapidly, he replied, “I spend much time over it, because I intend it to last a long time.” It surely has, and remains probably his best loved choral work.

KVU Singers are delighted to be presenting these contrasting works for their spring concert.